Fiona’s Colors Chalk Markers


When Fiona’s Colors asked to send me their chalk markers, I jumped at the chance! Their photos showed colors with such pigment and I had never owned chalk markers. I wanted to test them out with my kids. The pack comes with a set of 10 liquid chalk markers in neon colors. They are non toxic, water based, dust free, no odor, and easy to wipe off. When you first get them, you need to shake each marker and press the tip down until the liquid comes down. They are erasable on non porous surfaces, but is permanent on porous surfaces including certain kinds of chalkboard (those made from painted woods). Above is a photo of my daughter’s art. She used the chalk markers over black construction paper. (more…)

Halloween Potions



I found a pack of test tubes at Target’s dollar section for $3 and thought they would be great for an invitation to create Halloween potions. I actually thought they were glass until we opened up to use them and they are acrylic and the bottom is flat so they can stand up on their own! I bought another set a few days ago so it’s not too late to pick some up.


Reggio Inspired: Playing With Light


When I became a mom in 2012, I spent hours upon hours reading blogs, books and searching Pinterest for everything and anything that had to do with kids. In my search, I discovered Reggio Emilia and fell in love with their inspiring approach to early childhood education. I then devoted myself to adapting this type of child-led learning in our home.


Hands-on Geography: Perú


At the beginning of the school year, I had an idea of what we would be doing and what resources I planned to use. However, when it came to Geography, I wasn’t entirely sure how to introduce it to my preschooler. Last year, I wanted to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month so I planned a potluck with my mommy friends and their kids and we brought flags from our respective countries and a dish to share. This time I decided I would select a few countries, starting with where I’m from and would plan activities based on my son’s interests. As I thought about it more, instead of making it a one month celebration, why not continue to study geography this way? We can take our time to fully learn about each country and continue learning past Latin America.


Nature Prompts Printable


I was listening to A Delectable Education Podcast Episode 41: Interview with John Muir Laws which you must listen to. Jack mentioned that he went to a school that had these great prompts on the wall, and he has since copied those questions to the back of his nature journal. He shared the questions on the podcast and I decided to make a printable with them for my own nature journal and share them here. I found a free border online; it is not my creation, so this is for your personal use only. These questions alone have brought so much more depth to our nature studies and I’m so appreciative of the online homeschooling community for which I learn so much and gain so much more. You can download the PDF below: (more…)

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