Interest Led: Plankton


We have never used a science curriculum and don’t plan on it at the moment because my son is just a first grader. He is at that age where science experiments are amazing and would do them everyday if he could, so science for us is interest led right now. At the beginning of summer, my son got the notion to collect ocean water when we were at the beach and look at it under his microscope. It was a great idea, except we forgot to collect ocean water EVERY TIME we went to the beach! Finally, at the end of summer, I remembered right before leaving the beach! (more…)

Haba Brain Builder Peg Set: Review


You’ve probably heard of or own some type of logic game, like Rush Hour Jr. which I happen to own for my 6 year old son. I was excited when Timberdoodle sent me this Haba Brain Builder Peg Set because my 3 year old can use it! The blocks are made of wood and are colorful so my daughter was drawn to it immediately. She really really really wanted to replicate what she saw on each card and it was definitely a challenge for her, which is a great thing! (more…)

Science Experiment: Which Tape is Strongest?


This science experiment came on a total whim. My son asked me how tape was made. I saved the question on my phone for when we got home. We searched on YouTube and watched a behind the scenes video (fast forward to 4:19) of a factory that makes tape. That’s when I learned how the tape was tested for strength. An employee would roll a marble down a shoot and onto the sticky side of the tape. If the tape was made correctly, the marble would no roll past a certain amount of inches. If the marble rolled too far, that batch of tape was defected and not sold. That’s when I thought, we should test different tape in the same way to see which was strongest. The shorter the distance the marble rolled on the tape, the stronger the tape. (more…)

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